Festival Program

Spanning 10 days the festival program has something for everyone to engage, entertain and enrich minds and hearts of all ages. SeeChange offers a wide range of free events to see, experience and take part in as well as a series of special, limited ticket events. Subscribe to keep up to date.

Plan what to see and do by using the colour-coded categories or select by date. You can download a copy of the festival calendar of events and map, or pick up a full size, fold out hard copy at cafes, general stores, and real estate agents in the area. Come along to The Haven – the festival’s hub – for information and advice, and enjoy the art and great coffee while you’re there.

june, 2019

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01junAll Day10On the FenceStudents from Vincentia High School

01jun7:00 am10(jun 10)4:00 pmJervis Bay UnderwaterSue Josephsen

01jun9:00 am10(jun 10)5:00 pmC.A.Woods: An exhibitionCatherine Woods

01jun9:00 am10(jun 10)4:00 pmBonsai at the BayMason Keane

01jun10:00 am10(jun 10)4:00 pmArt by the PondPat Campion, Janelle Davis & Jan Huon

01jun10:00 am10(jun 10)4:00 pmRhythms: Ceramics & Textile ArtTherese McMahon & Kathy Salter

01jun10:00 am10(jun 10)4:00 pmVital Wetlands: Reading BherwerreGroup show

01jun10:00 am10(jun 10)4:00 pmChasing Colour and TextureWendy Moulstone

01jun10:00 am10(jun 10)4:00 pmRevealedBill Chalmers, Barbara Dawson & Judy Panucci

01jun10:00 am10(jun 10)4:00 pmTextiles by Design 3Wool Road Spinners & Weavers

01jun10:00 am10(jun 10)4:00 pmThe Dolphin and the DollarRandall Sinnamon

01jun10:00 am02(jun 2)4:00 pmSeasidePetra Jungmanova

01jun10:00 am10(jun 10)4:00 pmVinnie ViewsStudents from Vincentia High School

01jun10:00 am10(jun 10)4:00 pmHabitatLibby Ryder & Kaye Turnbull

01jun10:00 am10(jun 10)4:00 pmIndigenous Makers' MarketVarious artists, makers & performers

01jun10:00 am10(jun 10)4:00 pmBay and Basin Camera ClubClub members

01jun10:00 am10(jun 10)4:00 pmA Dialogue of Paint and PhotographyManon Saur & John Davies

01jun10:00 am4:00 pmSeeFood@ SeeChangePilgrims Cafe

01jun10:00 am4:00 pmSeeFood@SeeChangeThe Quarters

01jun10:00 am1:00 pmSold Out!Sculpting with FibresSamantha Tannous

01jun11:00 am1:00 pmMeet the MakersBill Chalmers, Barbara Dawson & Judy Panucci

01jun2:00 pm4:00 pmWalk with the ArtistsArtists from the Vital Wetlands exhibition

01jun2:00 pm5:00 pmSculpting with FibresSamantha Tannous

01jun4:30 pm5:30 pmSeeLight. SeeFire. SeeChange.Official opening

01jun5:30 pm10:00 pmSeeFood@ SeeChangeClub Jervis Bay

01jun5:30 pm10:00 pmSeeFood@ SeeChangeSalty Joes

01jun5:30 pm10:00 pmSeeFood@ SeeChangeHuskisson Bakery

01jun5:30 pm10:00 pmSeeFood@ SeeChangeAngels Bayside Cafe

01jun5:30 pm10:00 pmSeeFood@ SeeChangeWildginger Restaurant

01jun5:30 pm10:00 pmSeeFood@ SeeChangeThe Huskisson Hotel

01jun5:30 pm10:00 pmSeeFood@ SeeChangePortside Seafood Bar & Grill

01jun5:30 pm10:00 pmSeeFood@ SeeChangeMain Deck Cafe

01jun5:30 pm10:00 pmSeeFood@ SeeChangeJames Kitchen

01jun5:30 pm10:00 pmSeeFood@ SeeChangeNutmeg Cafe

01jun5:30 pm10:00 pmSeeFood@ SeeChangeTaj Indian

01jun5:30 pm10:00 pmSeeFood@ SeeChangeHouse of Guangzhou

01jun5:30 pm10:00 pmSeeFood@ SeeChangeFive Little Pigs

02jun9:00 am12:00 pmAlcohol Ink WorkshopAlecia Longford

02jun10:00 am1:00 pmSculpting with FibresSamantha Tannous

02jun11:00 am1:00 pmAnd the winner is...Various visual artists & sculptors

02jun12:00 pm4:00 pmMeet the MakersPat Campion, Janelle Davis & Jan Huon

02jun1:00 pm3:00 pmMeet the MakersLibby Ryder & Kaye Turnbull

02jun1:00 pm4:00 pmLong Lunch DegustationWildginger Restaurant

02jun1:00 pm4:00 pmThe Brewer's PlateThe Huskisson Hotel

02jun2:00 pm4:00 pmMeet the MakerWendy Moulstone

02jun2:00 pm5:00 pmSculpting with FibresSamantha Tannous

02jun2:00 pm8:00 pmHearChange Music Day OutThe Groove, Horse Drawn Cadillac, George Bishop & Friends

03jun(jun 3)10:00 am07(jun 7)4:00 pmOur PlaceStudents from Vincentia High School

03jun5:30 pm10:00 pmMeet the Chefs and Movie NightSlow Food Berry & Huskisson Jervis Bay Food Network

04jun2:30 pm4:00 pmWhat the body knows: A care-filled reclamation of lost partsNatalie McDonagh & Annette Tesoriero

04jun6:00 pm8:00 pmMeet the MakerRandall Sinnamon

04jun6:00 pm10:00 pmRaised Voices 25th Anniversary Silver CelebrationRaised Voices Choir

05jun4:00 pm6:00 pmWhat the body knows: MouthMax Dingle, Annette Tesoriero, Megan Kovalik

05jun5:00 pm7:00 pmCultural SharingVarious artists, makers & performers

05jun6:00 pm8:00 pmSold Out!A Classical Gig RevisitedGary Smith & Annie Van Tilburg

06jun(jun 6)10:00 am07(jun 7)4:00 amWhat the body knows: Mind WalkElyssa Sykes Smyth & Nigel Christensen

06jun5:00 pm7:00 pmMeet the MakersWool Road Spinners & Weavers

06jun6:00 pm9:00 pmDrum Circle & Campfire at PaperbarkHuskiDrumming

07jun6:30 pm7:30 pmLocals Live: Act Out!Melody & Aden Spencer, Zeke Cameron, Harmony Dyer, Morgan Dootson, Saphyre Bunyan, Albert Au & Luke Bowen

07jun8:00 pm9:00 pmLocals Live: The Kiki TapesKiki Bittovabitsch & Three Courageous Local Characters

08jun9:00 am3:30 pmDrawn from the SeaLinda Dening

08jun9:30 am2:30 pmCreative ShowcaseLocal art, craft, textiles & pottery groups, & jewllery makers

08jun10:00 am11:30 amScribbly Studio TourRandall Sinnamon

08jun10:00 am12:00 pmMeet the MakersTherese McMahon & Kathy Salter

08jun10:00 am1:00 pmSculpting with FibresSamantha Tannous

08jun2:00 pm5:00 pmSculpting with FibresSamantha Tannous

09jun9:00 am12:00 pmAlcohol Ink WorkshopAlecia Longford

09jun10:00 am1:00 pmSculpting with FibresSamantha Tannous

09jun12:00 pm12:30 pmThe Telephone (12pm)Olivia Corish, Jared Lillehagen & John Martin

09jun1:00 pm1:30 pmThe Telephone (1pm)Olivia Corish, Jared Lillehagen & John Martin

09jun1:00 pm5:00 pmA Fine Afternoon's Poetry and SatireTug Dumbly & Friends

09jun2:00 pm5:00 pmSculpting with FibresSamantha Tannous

09jun6:00 pm7:00 pmClassical In-tentOlivia Corish, Jane McIntosh, Jared Lillehagen & John Martin

10jun10:00 am1:00 pmSculpting with FibresSamantha Tannous

10jun2:00 pm5:00 pmSculpting with FibresSamantha Tannous

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