SeeChange is proudly presented by Jervis Bay and Basin Arts Inc. Our not-for-profit community association – run entirely by dedicated volunteers – has been cultivating cultural arts in our region for more than 20 years.

We have been staging the SeeChange Jervis Bay Arts Festival since 2000. This year sees the 11th festival and its move to being an annual event, strengthening its presence as a cultural beacon in the Shoalhaven.

Jervis Bay and Basin Arts welcomes members from all fields of creative and performing arts. We also welcome people who are general supporters of the arts who believe in the value and importance of the arts to enrich the culture, vibrancy and well-being of communities.


Dr. Natalie McDonagh

Festival Director

Dr Natalie McDonagh

The arts do more than entertain. The arts make life rich and meaningful.
Every year, 72% of Australians 15 years and over (that’s more than 14 million of us) attend arts events or festivals. We increasingly believe that the arts: are critical to social cohesion; inspire and unite; create empathy, understanding and connection; improve our individual and community well-being and enhance our happiness.*

My deep and abiding interest as a creative arts practitioner and Festival Director is this capacity of the arts to enrich – to enrich minds and hearts, to expand the way we see ourselves, others and the world.

SeeChange 2019 is being shaped to both entertain and enrich.

When the full program is announced in April expect both a wealth of entertainment, and immersive arts experiences purposefully designed to engage, enliven and enrich.

SeeChange 2019 continues to showcase the wealth of creative talent in the Shoalhaven – visual artists, performers, musicians, poets and writers, makers, cooks – and invites creators and culture makers from elsewhere to participate in our vibrant winter event.

Whether you are a local or a visitor to our region I encourage you to take advantage of all that’s on offer during the 11th SeeChange Festival from 01-10 June 2019.

If you see me out and about during the festival, please come and say hello.

* Connecting Australians: Results of the National Arts Participation Survey, 2016.

Mayor Shoalhaven Amanda Findley

Mayor, Shoalhaven City

Amanda Findley

The brisk autumn air is heralding the beginning of winter, and what better way to celebrate the change of season than by participating in the SeeChange Jervis Bay Arts Festival 2019.

Festival Director, Dr Natalie McDonagh, and her band of committed volunteers have brought together a program of artistic delights to suit almost every lover of art. The festival is a wonderful opportunity to support local creative talent – artistic, musical, theatrical, literary and culinary.

I love that the arts can challenge us, raising different emotions and discussions among friends, inviting us to slow down, enjoy a sensory feast, and to immerse in the meaning of a work never viewed or experienced before. I love to wonder about the context of creation and try to see into the mind’s eye of the creator. I love the passion and variety that our local artists, creators and culture makers bring to each SeeChange Festival.

Whether you are a local or a visitor to the Shoalhaven I trust that you will enjoy the SeeChange 2019 program and find a little piece of brilliance in an unexpected corner. Thank you to Jervis Bay and Basin Arts for making this wonderful event happen.

Hon. Don Harwin

Special Minister of State, Minister for the Public Service and Employee Relations, Aboriginal Affairs, and the Arts

The Hon. Don Harwin, MLC.

Great art festivals need a magical mix of ingredients if they are to succeed.

They need a vibrant, and cohesive community of people who are willing to volunteer long hours because they believe passionately in the value of the arts to our lives. They need a natural environment that can act as a backdrop to the arts – the visual, the scenic, the culinary. They need a community of artists with diverse skills and a strong sense of place. And they need a director – such as Dr Natalie McDonagh – who can give creative direction to a festival that immerses itself in the creativity, culture and cuisine of the Shoalhaven.

Both as NSW Minster for the Arts, and as a former Vincentia resident for many years, I am a passionate advocate for arts in the regions. My experience, and all the research, shows that engagement in the arts is just as passionate in the regions as it is in the metropolitan areas, and in some ways – such as arts creation – the regions are the artistic powerhouse of NSW.

It gives me great pleasure to wish the SeeChange Jervis Bay Arts Festival every success.

Thank you to all the creators

Jervis Bay and Basin Arts acknowledges, with deep appreciation, the creative and financial contribution made by all the creators who participate in the festival, making their work, ideas, skills, time, energy and vision available to enrich the cultural life of our communities.

Thank you to our volunteers

We also extend our sincere thanks and deep appreciation to everyone who helps before, during and after the SeeChange Festival. Whether you help a little or a lot your time, energy and effort makes the festival the unique regional celebration of creativity, culture and cuisine that it has come to be.

Jervis bay & basin arts inc. management committee

President Natalie McDonagh, PhD
Vice-President Wayne Pryor
Treasurer Gary Smith
Secretary Barbara Dawson
Pam Crohan
Robyn Hill
Moira Lawry
Paula Nudd
Judy Panucci
Margaret Willard

Huskisson & Jervis Bay Food Network

Jervis Bay and Basin Arts is delighted to work hand in hand with the Huskisson and Jervis Bay Food Network to present and promote the wonderful food of our region as an important component of the SeeChange Festival.

SeeFood@SeeChange is now a well-loved event held on the opening night of the festival, staged by the Husky JB Food Network, demonstrating what makes the Shoalhaven and our local area such a great food destination all year round.

This affiliation makes SeeChange truly a celebration of the creativity, culture and cuisine of our region.

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Admission to SeeChange Festival exhibitions and events is mostly free. Some special events and workshops are ticketed and free, or ticketed and paid. See the listing of each event or exhibition for information on whether admission is free or paid, and to book or buy tickets.

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